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Belle Cried for hours that day she didn't eat , she didn't sleep all she could think about was Clopin then there was a knock on her door "who is it" "the maid lovey i got some mail for you" Belle open the door and revived the letter she when out on the balcony and read the letter.
To My Dearest Belle
I can't stop thinking about you i need to see but Frollo has got Guards at every door so i can't get in i will find a way to get to you Belle i promise i'll never forget the moment i met you,how beautiful you looked plus i hope you still have that rose i gave you on the day of the festival. I miss you so much Belle i will come and get you, Just remember you'll always be in my heart no matter what they say i love you with all my heart i hope you write back my darling.
With love from all my Heart
Clopin xxxxxx
Belle smiled to her smile knowing Clopin will come for her, she found the rose by her bed and held it close to her heart "oh Clopin ive never feel so sad in my life i know you will find me and set me free". Clopin was sat down in the court of Miracles thinking of a way to get to Belle then Esmeralda comes along "Clopin are you alright?" "No Es im not i miss her i need her i want her in my arms" then Esmeralda got an idea and she explained to Clopin how they could do it Clopin smiled with delight" The Next morning Esmeralda and some other friends saw Frollo and his guards so they started messing around to distract them Frollo and his men started to chase after them while Frollo was away Clopin slipped in and started searching Belle was in her room look at the rose then she hear someone walking towards her door there was a quite knock she opened the door slowly and saw Clopin she leaped into his arm "Oh Clopin ive missed you so much" "Ive missed you to my Love" he passionately kissed her with all his might he had finally got his Belle back but he could not stay long after all Esmeralda could not run forever Clopin quickly explained Belle understood but just before he could leave two guards saw Clopin a drag him "NO! Clopin" "Belle" she grabbed his hand but it was no use he was dragged to the dungeon. Frollo entered Belle's room "Don't worry Belle he will be out of our lives soon enough" "what do you mean" With an evil smile "im going to hang him in 3 days time" Frollo walked away Belle started crying but she found the courage to go down to the dungeon "stop who goes there" only me Captain" "your father insists you stay away from the prisoner "oh i'll go" when the Captain turned his back she hit him over the head and got the keys she searched for Clopin eventually she found him "Belle you came from me" "because i love you and you came for me" when clopin was free they ran to the court of miracles with out being spotted that night Clopin and Belle went to Clopin's room and he kissed her with all his might then they fell on the bed first they laughed but the started into each others eye "I would like to have sex with you Belle but only if you are ready" Belle put her arms around Clopin and Whispered in his ear "ive been ready since i met you" they started kissing again then Clopin removed his shirt and continued to kiss Belle then he slowly undone her dress and threw it to one side he then remove the rest of his clothes and then slowly entered her Belle let out a yelp of pain Clopin ask in concern "does it hurt?" "only a little" he continued he soon went faster and deeper Belle Screamed out Pain of enjoyment she began to Snog Clopin after a few hours they stop gasping for air they laid there Belle placed her head on Clopin's Chest "that was wonderful" "It was because i was with you My Darling" Belle fell asleep on Clopin he pull the covers over then and went to sleep the next morning clopin woke up before Belle he left her to sleep, so he when out to get some food and water for her when her arrived back she woke up she sat up and pulled the covers up to cover her breasts then she smiled when she saw Clopin he sat down on the bed and kissed her she didn't care that Frollo was looking for them she was happy where she was "I got you something to eat darling" as he presented the food" she looked at the food and pushed it away and she pulled Clopin on top of her and started kissing him then suddenly Esmeralda knocked on the door Clopin got up and answered it "Hey Es what wrong" "its Frollo his got to of the children and if Belle doesn't return he will kill them" Clopin turns and looks at Belle, Belle quickly changes and leave but before she does Clopin grabs her hand "whoa now wait where are you going" "im going back" "you can't didn't last night mean any thing to you" "it did but im not going to let those children die" "Don't you see its a trap and this time if you go back he will lock you up and throw away the key" "its worth it" Clopin is shocked "fine go back be a prisoner im not risking my life to save you" Belle leaves
Comment please i want to know what you think ;)
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DragonoftheMoon13 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:wow: that's so sad!
lovepeacebubble121x Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012
now read part 3
lovepeacebubble121x Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012
Ive finished number 3 so please read
lovepeacebubble121x Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012
Lol and i'll be make another don't worry it will be ok in the end
Black-pearl23 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awww, it's wonderful to read about Clopin and Belle! They're a good and loving couple! =)
Hope to read more soon! :glomp:
WanderSong Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012
Cute story. The sex part was unexpected. lol But the ending was just so sad. Please tell me it'll turn out alright.
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